Who are we?

This meeting is organized by individuals, groups and organizations that share the ideals of the New Humanism and by all social organizations and activists who adhere to the 6 points of the New Humanism which are:

  • It places the human being as a central value and concern.
  • It affirms the equality of all people.
  • Recognizes personal and cultural diversity.
  • It supports any tendency to develop knowledge beyond the limitations imposed on thought.
  • It affirms the freedom of ideas and beliefs.
  • It repudiates not only forms of physical violence, but all other forms of violence

“Humanists are internationalists, they want a universal human nation. They globally understand the world they live in and act in their immediate environment. They do not want a uniform world, but multiple: multiple in ethnicities, languages and customs; multiple in localities, regions and autonomies; multiple in ideas and aspirations; multiple in beliefs, atheism and religiosity; multiple at work; multiple in creativity. “

Excerpt from the Humanist Document