Invitation to the meeting


Towards the World Forum of Humanism 2022

Dear friends,

As you already know, at the beginning of this year a team of humanists and messengers from different countries started to meet to organise a World Humanist Forum for this year 2021, with the intention of uniting all the Humanists of the world in the direction of “What world we want to live in and what we are willing to do to achieve it”. With this image we approached the organisations in the world that we wanted to invited.

As an intermediate milestone, a Universalist Humanism Meeting was held in March and preparations for the WFH announced to October, began.

On the way we felt the need to hold regional forums in Africa and Asia before the WFH. There are already teams in these preparations even if there are not yet definitive dates. In Latin America it was held last year. In Europe, the regional forum was postponed because of the world forum.

Given the situation of not being able to bring together the 5 continents this year for the WFH. It was proposed to postpone it to next year 2022.

For this reason, it has been planned to hold an World Open Meeting of New Humanism on the 5th, 6th and 7th of November in a different format of the one of March, with the intention of making the image of the WFH22 more concrete.

How to participate

You can participate in

– The organisation of WOMNH on a personal level, trought the organismes, or actions fronts, or from the different humanist initiatives and Silo’s message.

– In the WOMNH with autonomy and organisational self-management, both in the activities that you want to carry out, panels, talks, round tables, workshops, etc., as well as the teleconference platform. The WOMNH will be autonomous and self-managed in the organisation of the activities, panels, talks, round tables, workshops, etc., as well as in the teleconference platform, translations and dissemination and contacts with organisations, activists, political and academic authorities that they invite.

– The general promoter group of the Meeting would be responsible for the organisation of the common moments (opening, framing and closing) and, obviously, for the elaboration of the general programme (jointly constructed) of the Meeting on a date and time slot previously agreed together. It would also provide assistance if no teleconference platform or translation is available.

“It is necessary to unite all humanists of the world in the construction of a society where the human being is the central concern and value”.

World Open Meeting of New Humanism 2021 Promotion Team

Translated with (free version) Revision P Braga