Let’s make utopias a reality, this is the future!!!

We are men and women with an open heart, walking together towards the future with strength and joy, calling on all volunteers moved by ideals and dreams, aspiring to a non-violent revolution where the human being is the central value and where we all have the same rights and opportunities. .

During the Pandemic, it became clear that the social problems experienced were global as a result of globalization and that they existed in different proportions in all parts of the planet. We value and appreciate the work of thousands of people of all ethnicities and cultures who have made life easier for others with a humanistic attitude.

The world changes rapidly and the global situation is increasingly complex and tense, the solutions that are given repeat mistakes that have not been overcome repeatedly. And although it seems that nothing is immovable, the powerful and rulers of this moment have no control over the future. What is happening is the result of an inhuman and violent system that has already failed and that has already been overcome by the human being of this time, because in its heart is the seed of the new times as a deep cry of thousands of years wanting to regain a lost direction. throughout human history.

And even if we want to standardize the populations with a single point of view, through the media information about the events, the cry of the people says YES to LIFE, YES to PEACE and YES to ACTIVE NON-VIOLENCE.

At this crosspoint where we find ourselves in situation of GROWING PEACE OR GROWING DESTRUCTION, we chose GROWING PEACE with the intention of leaving behind everything that brought ruin and death to humanity, giving way to the new that wants to manifest and that some seek to suffocate.

Let’s listen to our hearts and imagine what we want our future to be like, a future worth living in realizing utopias.

Our aspirations are:

  • Progressive dismantling of nuclear arsenals
  • Withdrawal of invading troops from occupied territories
  • The prioritization of dialogue as a methodology for conflict resolution and repudiation of the fact of wars in the constitutional scope.
  • Education, health and quality of life as fundamental axes of world social organization.
  • Progressive decrease in defense budgets of all countries and increase in budgets health, education, social services, basic services for all the inhabitants of the planet.
  • Redefining the role of the Armed Forces so that they are at the service of the populations
  • Awareness of our common home to protect it, pressing governments to implement effective environmental policies and not just speeches.
  • Compliance with Human Rights. Make progress available to everyone, not justfor some.
  • Real and informal democracy
  • Affirmation of freedom of ideas and beliefs and recognition of personal and cultural diversity of the people.
  • The repudiation of violence of all kinds: physical, economic, sexual, religious, psychological
  • Being able to choose and practice the spirituality that each one prefers.

We feel that all the generations that live in this time are the bridge between the generations that preceded us and those that will come, so we are responsible for the direction of our actions because what we do with them is not indifferent.

“Non-violence is the force that will transform the world” Silo

If your performance as an individual, a member of any social organization, goes in this direction, we encourage you to adhere to this document and participate in the next Humanist Forum to be held from November 25, 26 and 27, 2022 with activities and through different virtual platforms, being a commitment to the Humanization of the World, a conscious effort to overcome pain and suffering and to learn without limits.

Let’s make utopias a reality, this is the future!!!

Promoters of the Humanist Forum 2022

You can adhere to this document as an individual/social organization by sending an email to: info@worldhumanistforum.org