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Meeting context

This meeting intends to generate a space where all Humanist expressions, together with organizations and social movements, can present their points of view, proposals, projects, etc., to give a humanizing response to the current world reality and mutually support each other in the construction of a desired future where the human being is the central value.

The purpose of the meeting is to be an intermediate milestone for a larger project that began its trajectory in early 2021 and will culminate in 2022 with the I World Humanist Forum.

“The Meeting is open to receive activities from any activist or social organization that works from the perspective of non-violence and non-discrimination”

“The union of all humanists in the world is necessary in building a society where
the human being are the central concern and value “

Scheduling common activities

(Argentina time as reference)

FRIDAY (11/05/21)

10:30 – Informal opening

11:00 – Program presentation (common activity)

SATURDAY (11/06/21)

10:30 – Informal opening

11:00 – General context of the meeting

11:30 – 1:00 pm Panel and conversations on the common theme of the Meeting “The human being as a central value”

SUNDAY (11/07/21)

10:30 – Informal opening (open microphones)

11:00 – Exchange about the World Humanist Forum 2022

12:30 – Closing of OWMNH and order.

* During the three days, in addition to the common activities, there will be simultaneous activities from different countries, from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm (Argentina time), during the 3 days of activity at different times. The general program of all activities (common and simultaneous) is available on this website

General clarifications on activity registration

Enrollment of proposals and activities for the Open World Meeting of New Humanism – OWMNH 2021 program will be carried out autonomously and self-managed by the interested parties.

The registration of activities for the (three) days of the Meeting can be done from this website in the activity registration form. We ask that the times of common moments of the Meeting be taken into account (opening on the 5th, panel on “The human being as a central value”, on the 6th and conversation in groups and closing on the 7th) so that we can all participate in joint moments.

The OWMNH promotion team, through this website, will be responsible for keeping the information regarding the proposed activities received as updated and organized as possible (with the respective days, times and links) in the General Program that can be found on this website.